Dark Room

Every once in a while one must subject oneself to the “dark room” treatment. Let me tell you how it works. At first, the sudden silence weighs your general restlessness down. You then twitch your toes, stretch your legs, swallow down your saliva and hear the sound your body makes as you flip to the […]

The night.

She might have been the only woman in the tavern drinking alone that night. She sat on a tall chair looking around . She wasn’t the the most beautiful of all neither did she have a golden heart. Wrinkled skin and auburn hair told tales to an onlooker, shamelessly. Bland and weary of her battles she sat and drank. A […]

A dead bird

There are some days when you just wake up with the uneasy citrus thoughts that bleach your mind out. No matter how much you try to knock yourself against the reality but it is like an intense pull of the gravity that sucks you in and you are appalled watching the futility of your own […]

Evolution or De-evolution ?

In these years of growing up, I noticed a rightward slide. I have pretty much lived an outbound opinionated life wherein I, not only dealt with the general societal hypocrisy but also a discriminative treatment. The Gucci’s and Armani’s made me decry the hollow existence of the common-folk. I genuinely wished that one day the […]

The unconquerable distance

So withdrawn, so distant were you that even a tight embrace couldn’t bring you close to the part of my soul that you had earlier penetrated. Like empty ravines, bearing the melancholy of grooves that the running stream left, my soul is marred by your touch. It is a sadness, a torrid rain that has […]


I woke up in the morning with reminisces of a half finished dream, a short lived happiness really, only to be crushed, heartbroken by the reality of cold shoulders. Almost like creating beautiful patterns in the sand only to be washed down by the mercilessly mocking sea. For some things in life we are prisoners […]