Evolution or De-evolution ?

In these years of growing up, I noticed a rightward slide. I have pretty much lived an outbound opinionated life wherein I, not only dealt with the general societal hypocrisy but also a discriminative treatment. The Gucci’s and Armani’s made me decry the hollow existence of the common-folk. I genuinely wished that one day the world would become a humanitarian society and no one would be deprived of their basic needs. My vehemence against this lopsidedness grew stronger as I put in half-baked ethics to test in real life situations. I noticed that my chain of thoughts were tied to grand notion of an egalitarian society and even before I realised it had already made me a champion of its cause, in thought  at least, if not in action. Such domineering self-righteous ideologies are unable to bear the non-humanitarian stench while still immersed waist-deep in society’s shit pond. The cause feels like a halo, greater than all of us.

Strong opinions are nothing but speedy vehicles, either they begin to slow down after a while or they end up crashing on the highway. There will come a time when all grand notions lose their lusture. Soon enough the new shoots of reason talk down all that pulsated you with seething rage. As one goes higher up the food chain the comfortability of the position makes one nonchalant towards the desolated misery. Not that I wouldn’t raise a brow on the Gucci’s and Armani’s, the ideology is far from being corruptible. But compassion isn’t sustainable. The loss of overall “absoluteness” entails with itself an uneasiness, tardy pangs of frenzy begin, looking out for a stable structure to hold onto, only this time you know that it too will melt away.


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